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Ioana Dumitrescu Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 2.1
ObjectDock is a shortcut organizer that allows you to quickly access various programs. It comes with some predefined docklets, such as weather, clock, calendar, battery meter, web search, start menu, recycle bin or show desktop.

The application has an attractive and uncluttered interface that displays all shortcuts in a structured manner.
The tool gives you the possibility to edit, add or remove any docklet or shortcut. You can create e-mail, Internet, music player or document editor shortcuts. What's more, you have an ability to create a blank shortcut and assign it to whatever program you desire.

The program lets you change the docklet’s view and position. You can set it to auto hide, to stay always on top or apply a magnification effect. By opening the settings menu, the application offers some information about each docklet, like the number of icons, their position, size, style, effect or accessibility; each of these aspects can be customized. An interesting effect is the one that enables ghost mode, which makes all the docklets invisible. You can only see them when you move the cursor on top of them.

In conclusion, I believe that this is a helpful shortcut organizer that increases your computer activity. It is very helpful when you have lots of applications or files stored on your PC and you want to access them in a short amount of time.


  • Modern design.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Offers quick access to various programs.


  • Requires Internet access to activate.

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    Dreow Last month

    I always loved this app.

  • 2
    mohd afsam 7 years ago

    objectdock is rock..try it now

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    Nain mutant 7 years ago

    Very useful with a lot of options. I downloaded it yesterday and I'm really enjoying it

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